How does it work?

A week in the life of a rug at Merlin Equestrian HQ

When you book any rug wash with us here at Merlin Equestrian, we’ll throw in free collection and delivery to the local area covered on the map. Of course, if you’d prefer to drop off and collect in person then that’s fine too! We are happy to deal with one-rug collections from individuals, or work with yard or group collections - whatever works easier for you!

How We Wash
No matter how much mud your beloved companions have rolled in, we always have the right tool for the job! We have amazing Electrolux industrial washing machines that are run on a specialist Equine programme to remove all evidence that the rug has ever been worn! The rugs are washed in an Equine detergent which not only cleans the rug but removes any nasty bugs that could cause issues. It is specially tested to prevent any allergic reactions with your horses!

How We Treat
We provide a re-proofing service for outdoor rugs should you require it and offer a deal on washing & proofing at the same time. With expensive turnout rugs, it makes sense to re-proof after washing to ensure the longevity of the item and keep your horse snug in wet weather. We use NikWax rug reproof which is regarded as the best on the market, and is also equine friendly! Our re-proofing treatments will ensure that your items stay waterproof without compromising breathability.

(**Did you know** that cleaning your turnout/waterproof rugs in a detergent and/or fabric conditioner can compromise the waterproof, breathable coating on the rug? This may mean that the rug, when used, no longer stands up to wet weather - therefore meaning the water leaks through - unhappy horses! Here at Merlin Equestrian, we aim to keep all horses warm, dry and cosy - we clean all waterproof/turnout rugs in NikWax rug wash, and can also reproof older or more weathered/worn rugs with NikWax rug proof - both products revitalize the rugs water resistance and breath ability)

How We Dry
All of our rugs are dried in our custom built drying room, guaranteeing you a fast and efficient service.

Need repairs too?
You don’t need to tell us about the headaches and heartaches (more to the point, ‘wallet-aches’!) of seeing your expensive rugs ripped and torn. Sadly our equine friends often don’t take as good care of their rugs as we’d like them to! After washing and proofing, we can also do repairs so that your rug will live to fight another day!

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