Q. Do you do rug recycling?

Have you got an old rug kicking around that has seen better days?

Want it taking off your hands? We recycle old, tattered and torn rugs here at Merlin Equestrian, so please bear us in mind!


Q. What time and day will you collect and deliver my laundry?

We’ll let you know what day and time we can collect and deliver your rugs as it will be based on the driving schedule of our drivers. Once this is agreed with you, we’ll stick to that day and time slot so you always know when we’re coming.

Q. Do you charge for collection and delivery?

No, collection and delivery is FREE of charge providing we can tie you in with other collections in the area.

Q. What happens if I’m not in when you collect?

It won’t be a problem. Just leave your rugs in a safe place, and let us know where they are prior to us arriving. We can also leave them here when returned if that is easier.

Q. How much do you charge?

Click here for a list of prices

Q. Is payment required when rugs are collected or returned?

Payment is on return of rugs - we will speak to you a few days before we are scheduled to return the rugs and let you know total costs.

Q. How can I pay?

You can pay by online transfer, cheque, cash or PayPal.

Q. What other services do you provide?

We are official stockists of Weatherbeeta horse rugs. (View our stock here)

Q. How quickly will I get my rugs back?

Turnaround is 1 week - this may vary occasionally at the very busy times of year but we will notify you of this.

Q. My area is not covered on your map - can you still collect?

The map showing the area we cover is a vague guideline to the approx area that we cover - we are happy to deal with new customers in new areas too! Please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Q. Is it possible to have a rug repaired but not washed?

We are happy to carry out repairs on rugs that have not been washed withus, however they must be fairly clean as dirt and grease can cause problems with our sewing machine.

Q. Is payment for rug cleaning upfront or on return of rugs?

Payment is on return of rugs - you will be notified a couple of days before the rugs are due back with total amount to pay. Payment can be made via online transfer, cheque, cash or Paypal.

Q. Do I have to bag up my rug for it to be collected or can it be sent loose?

Our collection system requires you to complete a form listing what rugs you are sending. We prefer for the rugs to be in bags as it makes our lives much easier, but it is not compulsory.

Q. Do you use tumble dryers?

All rugs are usually air dried on custom built racks in our rug room.

Q. Will my rugs be sent away?

No, we do everything here on site.

Q. How often does my turnout rug need re-proofing?

Your rug may benefit from reproofing every so often. The age of your Rug will dictate how regularly you need to do this. If the water no longer ‘beads off’ the Rug, this may suggest that it needs reproofing.

Q. How is the reproofing chemical applied? Do you spray it on after the rug has been dried?

As with all Nikwax products the chemical is washed in, as part of the final rise when the rug is washed. We can't reproof rugs without washing them.

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